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Orielle Reference Sheet by OrionTHedgehog Orielle Reference Sheet by OrionTHedgehog
Basic Information

Full Name: Orielle Kendrall
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog

Personal Information

Height: 131 cm
Likes: Magnus, Orion, Simon, Shadis, Jim, Lilly, Spring season, nature, her kingdom and it's people, the other fairies (except her parents), flying, painting and music.
Dislikes: Seth the Demon,her parents, poachers, Lord Tyranus, fire, war.
Favorite food(s): Mint desserts
Favorite Drink(s): Strong wine
Personality: Cheerful, friendly, intelligent, sometimes naughty, stern and serious when needed, fun loving, comforting, can be overprotective at times.


Father: King Dara
Mother: Queen Chrysanta
Sons: Orion and Simon
Friend(s):Shadis, Jim, Lilly
Enemy(ies): Seth the Demon and Lord Tyranus

Abilities: Magic (mainly over plant life, air and water.), healing, potion making, flying, and hypnosis (does this very rarely.), ages very slowly.


Orielle was born in the fairy realm where she grew up and became increasingly curious of the mortal world. Once she found a way to the mortal world, on one trip there she would spot Magnus and grow an attraction for him and for months would meet him in the forest and grow closer. But her parents discovered this and were furious and attempted to force her to stop meeting with him and going to the mortal world. That night she left her realm for good. Too make sure her parents wouldn't find her, she hid away her wings and repress most of her powers. After all that she stayed with Magnus and later marrying him and having two children.

During her time in the mortal world, aside from her duties as a Queen and a mother, she would collect many plants, both magical and non-magical, and look for way to use them to benefit her people, and even had a large greenhouse built to keep her exotic plant-life. Also she would work hard to improve the lives of everyone in the kingdom.

Art and character belong to: :iconorionthedgehog:
Skyrimgamer17 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
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